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Being the bastion which upholds the principium that the sole qualificatory criterion in meeting our customer’s intended application can only be achieved through fulfilment of its desired specifications, Quality & Environmental Control Master Plan has been diligently formulated spanning across the entire product value chain and imbued as part of our working culture, without neglecting our social and environmental responsibilities. In our QC Laboratory, our valued customers can rest assured of the Analyses Accuracy, Reproducibility & Reliability as all quality evaluations are quantified through Titrimetric, Absorptiometry, Turbidimetry, Complexometric Chelatometry etc. by qualified, competent, experienced and trained QC personnel, with the aid of well calibrated, high precision, state-of-the-art analytical equipment such as:

Surface area plays a vital role in determining the kinetics reactions of the adsorption, dissolution and catalytic processes and through which an adsorbent interacts with the adsorbates.

Particle size distribution of activated carbon is an important parameter in specifying carbons for specific applications as it significantly affects operating conditions such as pressure drop, filterability, backwash rate requirements and the rate of adsorption of adsorbates. 

For smaller particles, the rate of diffusion of adsorbates into pores and its subsequent adsorption is significantly increased as it reduces the amount of contact time required. 

As the existence of certain trace elements may significantly disrupt process performance and lead to undesired outcome, trace elements of our food grade activated carbon are detected and measured by using Atomic Absorption Spectrometer.

Electrically Heated Ovens

Digital Muffle Furnace

Our capability to serve diverse industrial needs is also evidenced by our ability to analyze our products in accordance with various internationally recognized standards such as:
  • Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP) Standard Test Method
  • Food Chemical Codex (FCC) Standard Test Method
  • Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) Standard Test Method
  • Japanese Standard for Food Additives (JSFA) Standard Test Method
  • Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS K 1474) Standard Test Method
  • Japanese Water Works Association (JWWA K 113) Standard Test Method
  • American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard Test Method
  • European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) Standard Test Method
  • People’s Republic of China’s Guo Biao (GB) Standard Test Method
  • Osaka Gas Chemical (OGC) In-House Test Method
In order to ensure our data quality is well preserved and traceable at any time, our QC Laboratory is classified as restricted access zone, preventive maintenance is carried out on fixed interval, retained samples are kept in controlled storage conditions for at least 24 months, and unannounced Mocked Product & Documents Retrieval Exercise is carried out on annual basis.
Our core service philosophy is well ingrained and personified in each and every team member and we pledge to create and add value to our customers, through individually designed products, quality and services as epitomized in our tagline MALBON ● Simply Unique …

Century Chemical Works's Management Systems are certified to ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015

Our products are Kosher & Halal certified 

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